Export & Multichannel

Multichannel or multi-country?

Is it better for companies to adopt export or multichannel strategies? For us it should be both and at the same time! It is the best way to generate synergetic business opportunities and accelerate sales in increasingly competitive environments.

There are two main challenges to this approach:

1. People now expect to be treated as "multichannel customers" anywhere in the world at any time, but companies' value chains are often not able to meet such expectations;

2. Creating and managing a business in several countries simultaneously is not easy. And doing that in multiple channels in each country, is less easy.

Speaking various languages and having all communication documents translated into them is a must. Credit risks, market compliance, local consumer behavior are some other essential elements to manage for successful international performance. In addition to that, when the business also has a cross-border ecommerce or an international mobile activity, all the digital components must consistently interact in every selected country, from web marketing and social media to after-sales, payment methods, logistics, etc.

At ToWebOrNotToWeb we develop international & multichannel strategies and we are specialized in the English-, French-, Italian-, Spanish- and German-speaking markets: our services suit any European SME or start-up wishing to develop new channel / country opportunities and any American or Asian company wishing to set up operations in Europe.

An example of what we do:

  • International development strategies and business models
  • Multichannel strategy by country
  • Export aptitude and ability assessment for individuals and teams in 30 languages
  • Market & channel studies, benchmarking and road-maps per country and internationally
  • Export action plans by country and by channel
  • Access to public aid to finance international growth