What puts a brand like BUFF® on the international market? Two words, ecommerce and export, words that are ordinary, yet extraordinary. The traditional economic concept of matching demand with supply is not new to ecommerce, and combined with export in a highly digital world, such as the one we live in, creates extraordinary effects. This is what BUFF® achieved, by reaching fans and clients all over the world, most of whom are outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. With a presence on online platforms, and through trade partnerships, a man’s simple idea has made it to the thresholds of global commerce, garnering a good number of both local and international buyers.

An uncannily simple product: Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated to become a global reality.

After many years of working in the Rojas family business of manufacturing knitted collars and cuffs for popular T-shirts brands in Europe, the late Juan Rojas, also an ardent motorcyclist, decided to create a multifunctional protective headwear to beat climactic odds: sun, strong winds, and rain, which he encountered while riding on the roads.

Today, the innovative BUFF® multifunctional headwear is a reality; the high performance microfibre is breathable, moisture wicking and wind resistant, making waves among fitness and outdoor wears all over the world.

Picking up the pace, from Barcelona to the rest of the globe.

Founded in 1991, the company has grown over the years and expanded to reach its potential. Within three years of producing the first items, BUFF® was already selling in Germany, France and Switzerland. It has been able to cross the borders to international markets, exporting to countries across Europe, the Americas and going as far as exporting to China through partnerships with top sellers on Alibaba, AliExpress and other major local marketplaces. BUFF® is serving more than 60 countries and is most actively distributing on online channels.

These networks are particularly adapted to small, light, simple products like BUFF®’s: they enable payment and shipping, both locally and internationally, and as such, they help quickly enter new markets across the globe. Using multilingual websites in 40 languages and several channels such as independent ecommerce, marketplaces, social media, and classic wholesale-retail distribution systems, BUFF® is now one of the largest headwear companies in the world. In 2018 the company reported a turnover of almost 32 million euros with exports accounting for 90% of it.

From Igualada to the thresholds of international commerce, BUFF® owes its success to export.

With production carried out in its facility near Barcelona, digital multichannel export is the core of BUFF®’s international business success. This is due to the obvious convenience of placing orders online by clients all over the world, and in just a click. The Catalan company collaborates with international distribution chains and is always ready to meet quick delivery expectations. Following the trends and dynamics of today’s global markets and embracing digital marketing strategies is the best way to meet international demands and BUFF®’s success proof that selling through multiple channels such as ecommerce, marketplaces, and local stores is a viable strategy for export.

How does a personal passion become an international success?

BUFF® has clearly shown that the classic phenomenon of staying within one’s comfort zone never served anyone. Juan Rojas’ passion for adventure and his need to venture out are the origin of BUFF® success. Through his passion, he was able to connect with avid outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, making BUFF® the famous name it is today.

So, what are the chances that a modest innovative idea can become an international venture? It is always important to consider the tools in hand, and the odds that can be made to work. When Juan Rojas began his innovative journey, the world was not as digitalised as it is today. However, the odds tilted in his favour, with the development of ecommerce and social media. When strategies are visualised to market and export to other countries, making the odds work may seem difficult, but never impossible, especially when the people behind the making of those strategies have a real passion for it.

That’s BUFF®, its journey into the future of international ecommerce has just begun.