Increase your export multichannel sales by setting a clear international strategic plan


The key to successful multichannel export is a solid strategic plan that provides a clear long term approach with the necessary steps, helping you to commit to the implementation of the plan.

Fewer than a third of all SMBs have a written strategy for their multichannel export development. With no plan, your company risks overlooking rewarding opportunities or prematurely giving up on international markets as soon as the first setbacks emerge.

For designing solid multichannel export strategies for your company, we analyze several elements:

-the export readiness of your product/service,

-the markets with the best opportunities for your business,

-the competitive environment in those markets,

-the payment and delivery systems used by your target customers in those markets,

-the price levels of your product/service,

-the compliance of your business with local fiscal and commercial laws,

-the financial and human ressources you need for achieving your objectives,

-the tactics for finding clients,

-the implementation schedule.

Having designed many strategies for clients in various sectors, our experts will help your company to set the right strategic plan to attract additional business in new markets, or to develop additional channels in your current markets, or to do both.

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