Ensure your content and inbound marketing are ready to go global and adapted to your export markets.


Internet has completely changed the way sales and marketing work. People aren’t passive consumers anymore, they’re active users as information is accessible everywhere, at any time, to everyone. They decide when, what, where to search and if they don’t find you, they won’t buy from you but will go to your competitors instead. Therefore, an inbound marketing strategy is crucial.

So content is king nowadays. But what is the right kind of content to publish and what’s the best medium to use in your export markets?

ToWebOrNotToWeb can help your business to be discovered by local customers in your export markets. By using specific toolkits, we’ll analyse your inbound marketing performance and your export goals. Based on this analysis, we’ll then formulate the international inbound marketing strategy your business needs to pull in local customers from foreign markets.

In particular, for each export market, we’ll segment the leads to reach and engage, we’ll benchmark the inbound marketing actions of your direct competitors, identify the key content types and the media for your business in the export markets. We’ll also investigate how your target prospects are consuming digital content and indicate the best practices in terms of tone, frequency, tactics of publishing in order to achieve your objectives in the export markets.

We offer three types of international inbound marketing audit & strategy:

  • The first for Europe,
  • The second for Europe + Americas,
  • The third for global reach.


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