Use multilingual emailing and newsletters to drive conversations in your target export markets.


Emails and newsletters are essential tools for attracting and converting customers. Moreover, in some countries – or even sectors – these tools are the only ones that have proven to be effective in driving results.

Think about your own online behavior: when you want to use a website (for example an ecommerce site or Facebook), you usually have to sign up by entering your email address to create an account. And that is the case everywhere.

So when it comes to communicating with prospects and customers around the world, there’s nothing with a wider reach and ROI than email.

Use ToWebOrNotToWeb for your multilingual emails and newsletters to drive international conversions with new potential customers in your target export markets. Either with our IMA platform – or your existing one – we can create powerful responsive emails, run A/B tests, and optimize them for the local languages of your target export markets.

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