Automate your international multichannel marketing with our platform.


What is marketing automation? It is a software or a web application that automates marketing actions, such as emails, social media, SMS campaigns, etc.

Our platform is specialized in International Marketing Automation, IMA: it is the solution for automating marketing actions aimed to people speaking different languages and living in different countries.

Using our special IMA platform, we can create customized automatic marketing scenarios and provide your international prospects with localized content that will help convert them into customers.

Compared to other marketing automation tools, our IMA offers a multilingual, export-oriented, mobile-first, GDPR ready, and SMB budget friendly solution that takes into account not only the location of your customers but also their multichannel behaviors for interacting with them across different channels (SMS, videos, social media, email, etc.)

This type of international marketing automation can generate significant new export sales and provides an excellent solution for companies that want to develop their brand awareness in new countries.

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