Implement an effective international customer services and let your brand be reachable worldwide.


Multilingual customer services are often among the first things to be neglected when exporting, especially when the business is on a low budget. It is true that several functions come in with high priority when it comes to allocating funds to international business development.

Customer services, however, should not be excluded from these priorities; this function is key to help people before, during and after their purchases, turning them into happy clients. This is also the way to retain customers, creating continuous opportunities for cross- and up-selling. This way of retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones and, believe it or not, customers are willing to pay more when they get a better customer service!

The customer services is the brand’s advocate and it must be consistent with the company’s mission, image and value proposition in any country where it operates. ToWebOrNotToWeb provides multilingual customer services for international brands that want to efficiently meet the different market’s needs and adapt to the local communication habits.

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