Use multilingual landing pages to improve your export call-to-actions.


What are multilingual landing pages?

In web-marketing, a landing page is a standalone digital site, created specifically with the objective of communication or advertising campaign. It’s the web page on which a user “lands” once he has clicked on the call-to-action button.

And why a landing page instead of a website?

The landing page is optimized for a specific unique objective, which means it limits the amount of content and the number of links – usually there is just one – in order to propel the visitor towards the wanted objective. Using a website page for the same objective is less effective because visitors get distracted by other links and content on the site.

With ToWebOrNotToWeb’s IMA platform, we build special landing pages that our clients can use for newsletter opt-ins, social follows/likes, whitepaper downloads, event subscriptions, crowdfunding contributions, trial sign-ins, video views, … or for AdWords and social ad campaigns.

Compared to the landing pages created with other tools, our pages are multilingual, localized, SEO-ready, responsive and export-oriented to pull in leads from foreign markets.

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